CDCAT is proud to award scholarships to our members children and grandchildren. Hundreds of scholarships have been awarded through the years. To review qualifications and required credentials, see the "Scholarship Guidelines" below.

Once you have meet the required credentials, download and complete a scholarship packet.

2021 Recipients

Region II

Dylan McLaury - Son of the Honorable Holly McLaury

(Combination Clerk of Stonewall County)

Region IV

Cynthia Reyes - Daughter of the Honorable Olga Lydia Reyes

(Combination Clerk of Edwards County)

Region VI

Garrett Golden - Son of the Honorable Shawntel Golden

(District Clerk of Lamar County)

Region VIII

Chloe Sullivan - Daughter of the Honorable Dwight Sullivan

(County Clerk of Galveston County)

Region VIII

Humberto Gonzalez III - Son of the Honorable Humberto Gonzalez, Jr.

(County Clerk of Starr County )

Scholarship Guidelines

1. Submit a completed scholarship application. Incomplete applications may not be considered.
2. Submit a copy of a recent transcript (high school/college) together with a letter from your high school principal or former teacher explaining the applicant’s potential as a college student.
3. Applicants must be a high school graduate (at least will graduate prior to the Clerk’s June Conference at the time the scholarship would be awarded)
4. Applicants must be younger than 22 years of age. The oldest age to be considered will be person 22 years old.
5. Any application received by the President of the Association after the date of April 1, shall not be considered by the Committee.
6. Scholarships will be awarded at the annual conference of the County and District Clerk’s Association of Texas.
7. The President of the County & District Clerk’s Association of Texas will appoint a Scholarship Committee to review the applications and make the selection. This committee shall consist of a County Clerk, a District Clerk, and a County-District Clerk who none shall have submitted an application for review that year.
8. The President of the County & District Clerk’s Association shall not be eligible to submit an application during the year of which they are serving the Association as President.
9. The student’s grade average should be considered, but the grades should not be the only factor considered. The needs of the student, whether the student is receiving any other scholarships, the student’s sincere desire to attend college and any other similar information should be considered.
10. A past scholarship winner is ineligible to receive an additional scholarship.
11. One half (1/2) of the scholarship money awarded shall be made payable to the student upon proof of enrollment of at least 12 hours in an accredited college. The remaining one half (1/2) shall be made payable to the student upon proof of additional second semester of 12 hours of enrollment and presentment of proof to the treasurer of a minimum 2.0 GPA. Failure to present proof of enrollment and GPA of the immediate succeeding semester shall constitute a forfeiture of the remaining amount of money and will remain in the said scholarship fund to be used for another scholarship.
12. Accredited Trade Schools, where the student would be attending at least one full year (or the Trade Schools determination of a term/year) can be considered for a scholarship. Any application requiring less than this time shall not be considered.