Instructions for using CDCAT online hours tracker

CDCAT now has an online Continuing Education hours tracking system that provides members with the ability to log continuing education hours online, check hours you have submitted, and track continuing education hours for your staff. An application for staff members is available upon request.

The CE Hours website is: If you are a clerk you are in the database. To log in for the first time go to the site and click the Forgot Password link. Use your e-mail address and follow the instructions to receive your password via e-mail. If it does not work properly, your e-mail address may be incorrect in the database or your IT department may be blocking the e-mails. Check your SPAM folder and contact IT if you have not received the e-mail after ten minutes. The site works best with Google Chrome, the latest version of Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. You will receive a warning message if you are using a browser that is out of date. If you have problems logging into the site please contact Velva Price at for assistance.

Once you have received your password and are able to log on, go to: My Info then Submit Conference hours. A list of available conferences is available in the drop down list. Enter the sessions you attended and provide a comment regarding the conference if you so desire. Your comments will only be shared with the Education committee to assist in education topics at future conferences.

After you have submitted your hours they are placed in a work folder for the hours administrator to approve. Once the hours are approved they will be included in you hours and enable you to generate a report of your total hours submitted by following the instructions on the site. If entering your CE hours on-line, please do not mail your CE hours form in. This may result in duplicate entry of hours. You should maintain the form for your records.

If you choose to send your form in the old fashion way, the hours will be logged by the officer into the on-line system and a history will still be available for your viewing.

This is truly a unique system to CDCAT and is user friendly. Don’t be afraid to try it out! If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact CDCAT Vice President.