CDCAT President's Welcome

Welcome to the County and District Clerks’ Association of Texas official Website.

I am honored to serve as your CDCAT President for July 2018–June 2019. I am excited to work alongside such a hardworking group of individuals.

Your involvement, whether on a committee, making phone calls to Legislators or offering a helping hand to a fellow clerk, is crucial to the success of the goals of our association. We strive to provide quality education for our members and participate with, in and through the legislative, judicial, and executive processes of state government that are beneficial to our association and our everyday duties.

As we enter another Legislative Session, there will be times you may be called upon to help read bills or to contact your Representative or Senator to push information and the importance of the support for or against a proposed bill. Our Legislative Committee along with Casteel & Roberts, Karen Gladney and Nannette Forbes, works hard, long hours each session as well as the “off session” and we rely on the assistance from our members to help get the job done. We take our duties seriously and perform them with passion, so being involved with the legislative process is crucial.

The Education Committee and the Texas Association of Counties (TAC) are collaborating to bring you informative and fun education. We are working hard to make sure our first fall conference in September is a success and will anxiously be awaiting your feedback. We will continue to work effectively and efficiently in keeping the education information updated on the home page to assist in disseminating information that will help you to obtain your required 20 CE hours.

Thank you for your support and guidance in the role you elected me fill. It takes all of us, clerks, staff, customers, constituents, commissioners, judges, law enforcement, vendors, attorneys, senators, representatives, OCA, SOS, AG, VSU, TAC and other state departments. None of us do this alone.

We are all a “Piece of the Puzzle, Part of the Whole”

You are an essential piece


Jennifer Lindenzweig

County Clerk, Hunt County

CDCAT President 2018-2019